We asked our Nurses about the most common skin complaints at the moment and more importantly about the solution!

Aisling said: “A lot of patients present with dry flaky skin at this time of year. A very common complaint is that their moisturiser is just not working. This type of dryness I sometimes refer to as environmental dryness. We are going in and out of the cold and into over-heated buildings. Our skin becomes sensitive and dry.

I always recommend increasing exfoliation to twice a week or better still having a professional exfoliation every month. Our vit-illume treatment is the go-to treatment and is simply excellent. It not only gently exfoliates but also saturates the skin with super-hydrating and nourishing vitamins and minerals to put the glow back in your skin. See more here:

Nurse Audrey added:

“Skin issues change from season to season and with this disorderly winter weather our skin is in need of some TLC! A lot of my patients don’t realise that UV rays are damaging and ageing their skin 12 months of the year, so it is really important to use SPF min factor 30 every day. A little tip – don’t forget to apply it to your hands! A super treatment right now is IPL – read more here:

Nurse Ailish said:

“I am seeing a lot of patients with broken vessels and flare ups of rosacea, probably as a result of coming in and out of the cold. Extremes in temperatures can cause dilation and constriction of vessels, exacerbating rosacea and causing further broken vessels, particularly on the cheeks and around the nose.

My advise is– perhaps to talk to an expert like myself who can talk about a treatment like IPL and also products that can help. I recommend the C-Strength 20% with Vitamin E to help keep skin and vessels healthy and strong against these enviromental factors. An anti-redness serum will minimise flushing and keep the inflammatory response of the skin to a minimum. And of course SPF everyday! Read more here:

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